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Your soaps are absolutely grand! I love how they make your body feel. -Sylvia Ohio
I got some of the shea butter bars they are so good! They leave my skin so soft and the scent lasts a long time. Thanks so much!
-Anita Nevada
Hi, I got the candles a few days ago and want to tell you we really love them! I will be getting some presents for my family soon. ps. I burning one right now -Mary Ann Ohio
I have tried numerous store bought bar soaps and homemade bar soaps. Nothing compares to your soap. You have a truly awesome product and I love it! I used to use nothing but shower gel, cause bar soap would dry my skin out. But after using your homemade bar soaps I have not needed to buy shower gel. They are so silky soft and moisturizing to my skin plus they lather better than any soap I have tried. I love them! -Jennifer Ohio
I wanted to tell you how delighted I am with the result I have experienced with the homemade lavender soap and lotion. My skin is wonderfully soft. I don’t feel my skin has a layer on it that prevents the skin from breathing… something that has pretty much prevented me from wearing any lotion for most of my life. Very very nice! As I said before, I plan on promoting the soap and lotion heavily as both are the best I have found in a very, VERY long time. Keep up the good work !!! -Merrill Maryland
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