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Usui Reiki
Usui Reiki - Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which works with the flow of life force energy of one's body. A Reiki experience is a calm, peaceful and safe method to relieve stress, pain and accelerate healing, valued for leaving its recipients with enhanced feelings of relaxation and well being.

Level I Reiki Certification
Receive The First Degree Reiki energy attunement. The first part of Reiki energy is given through an attunement process that activates different energy centers in the body. You will be taught the background of Reiki, what Reiki means, and how it can enhance your life.

You will learn:
  • The standard Reiki hand positions for self and others
  • Practical applications and beneficial effects of Reiki
  • Professional practice standards
  • The ethics of touch
  • Practice treatments

Level II Reiki Certification
Receive the remaining Second Degree Reiki energy attunements and additional training. *Prerequisite: Reiki I

You will learn:
  • Two Traditional and nontraditional healing symbols
  • The use of Reiki symbols for hands-on and distant or remote healing sessions
  • Advance treatment techniques

Level III Reiki Master Certification with ART
During this class you will receive the Master Reiki energy attunement. This is the final attunement in the Usui Reiki series and is for those who are guided to teach Reiki to others, or wish to learn more advanced vibrational energy techniques such as Karuna or Seichim Reiki. Advanced Reiki Techniques guides you in advanced practice techniques and demonstrates new ways to use Reiki. *Prerequisite: Reiki II

You will learn:
  • The Master Healing symbol
  • The Reiki Master symbols used for Reiki attunements
  • How to attune others to Reiki
  • How to use Reiki for manifesting
  • Reiki for blessing/clearing energy in your home/office spaces
  • To use stones/crystals for enhancing the Reiki Energy

Seichim Reiki
Seichim Reiki
Seichim is a healing method similar to Reiki, however Seichim energy is a different vibrational level from Reiki. This energy is based on the concept of Divine Love and its power for healing and achieving personal enlightenment. There are seven facets to this system of Seichim with specific concepts learned at each level, seven attunements and eleven symbols. Seichim is a complete healing system which incorporates symbols, energy work and balances masculine and feminine energies. It's purpose is healing, cleansing of the auras and achieving enlightenment. Includes certificate. *Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master

You will:
  • Learn eleven healing symbols
  • Receive seven Seichim Reiki attunements
  • Learn the Master Healing symbol and how to attune others to Seichim Reiki

Coaching & Mentoring
Coaching & Mentoring
For those who are starting to awaken and need guidance with the spiritual and energetic shifts that are happening with them. Also for those who are seeking someone who can assist them with their psychic development. Eight one hour sessions provided on a weekly basis. Includes email or text check in support.

Space Clearing and Cleansing
Space Clearing and Cleansing
Everything has an energy vibration. When the energy gets stuck it can cause problems and be a reason why things are not going well for you. How can you change the vibration? During this class you will learn effective methods to clear your home and work place of negative energy and how to keep your space clean and light.

Medation Group
Medation Group
Beginners and those who are new to meditation are welcome and encouraged to join us! When we meditate we lower stress levels making way to better health. We activate our body, become more self aware and self empowered. Meditation raises our vibration and helps us connect with source, and it is good for ourselves and for the collective. This is a relaxing evening and great way to meet other like minded people.